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HCSpot - WiFi Hotspot Billing Software

A professional wifi hotspot billing solution.

  • Advanced filtering engine
  • Limit download & upload speed per user (Bandwidth Management)
  • Track visited websites & internet connections
  • Create unlimited tickets & cashiers
  • Compatible with any hardwares / routers
  • Support Mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.)
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WiFi Hotspot Software

Your Own WiFi Hotspot

Easily create your own wifi hotspot, track & manage your users' internet activity.

Advanced Filtering

Using HCSpot, you can prevent access to any websites and create your own content filtering.

Bandwidth Management

Limit download & upload speeds per user. You can eaisly change bandwidth during sessions.

Hotels & Cafes

Provide wifi access to your customers and support all devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Laptop and etc.

Companies & Schools

Keep track of your internet activity. Take the control & increase efficiency in your company / school!

Internet Cafes

Thanks to HCSpot, sell tickets to your customers & convert your internet cafe to a wifi hotspot.


Create tickets, set quota, price & bandwidth, define number of concurrent users per ticket.

Public WiFi

Create your own public wifi. Control time & bandwidth. Collect payments or provide free access using tickets.

Free Support

Free email & phone support. Recover lost license only in seconds.
We are the WiFi Hotspot sponsor of Digital Events, Conferences & 70.000+ internet cafes, schools, universities and etc. in over 200 countries.